About Us

The Arkansas Rice Growers Association is the collective voice of rice growers in Arkansas. Organized in 2000, the ARGA represents independent voluntary members by leading growers on issues affecting the viability of their business and communities. Despite the success of the rice industry into one of the most successful rural industries in Arkansas, today's rice growers more than ever need an sssociation that solely represents the interests of the rice farmer and can face the risks and challenges that a farmer takes to make a living.

The role of the ARGA

  • To develop and implement policy for the rice industry that is in growers' best interests.
  • To represent the interests of rice growers to Federal, State and Local Government and their various agencies, other interest groups, and to the community generally.
  • To service the specific needs of individual members.

Our goals

  • To provide equal opportunity for all Arkansas rice growers.
  • To promote market development and market maintenance for domestic sales and export of rough, brown and milled rice as a united voice and advocate for the Arkansas rice farmer.
  • To bring foreign delegations to Arkansas for the purpose of promoting trade.
  • To educate and inform about Arkansas grown rice - its virtues, dependability, availability, quality and quantity.
  • To provide a voice for rice farmers at the government level on legislative matters that directly affect them.
  • Provide accountability within the industry.

Mailing address

Arkansas Rice Growers Association
PO Box 547
DeWitt, AR 72042

Faces of ARGA

Greg Yielding
Executive Director
North Little Rock

John Alter

Kenneth Graves
St. Charles

Keith Freeland
Vice Chairman

Bill Gilbert
Managing Director

Pat Henderson

Randy Marr
Hickory Ridge

Jim Jim Butler

Dwight Ellis
Walnut Ridge

Jason Smith
West Watson